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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 19:50
ATA involves in fund raisings when the situation arises.
Late Babu Rajendran Funeral fund raiser: 
Beneficiary: Late Babu Rajendran and his mother in Chennai
Initiated during March 2016 by 2016 Interim committee
Disbursed early April 2017 by 2016 Interim committee
Amount: $8968 (Blackwell funeral $5055 + Draft to mother Mrs.Vatchala $3913)
Remarks: None
Status: Closed
Tamilnadu Flood Relief fund raiser:  
Beneficiary: Tamilnadu Chief Minister Relief Funds
Initiated during Jan 2016 by 2015-2016 committee
Disbursed early March 2017 by 2016-2017 committee
Amount: $6537.57 (Direct international bank transfer(BankSA Receipt # I 3185 2264 | Dt 08/03/2017)
Remarks: Multiple delays in disbursement due to SGM and management under administration until July 2016.
The new committee from Aug 2016 looked into this, parallel to addressing many pending backlogs/issues.
Status: Closed
Rajeepan Nakuleswaran Funeral fund raiser:  
Beneficiary: Rajeepan Nakuleswaran and his family in Colombo
Initiated during Oct 2015 by 2015-2016 committee
Disbursed Nov 2015 by 2015-2016 committee
Amount: $3300 (Handed over to Ceylon Tamil Association)
Remarks: None
Status: Closed
Harvard University Tamil chair fund raiser:  
Beneficiary:Harvard University Tamil chair 
Initiated during Nov 2017
Disbursed N/A
Remarks: Voided due to 1) none funds received from patrons 2) the original fund raiser successfully met its goal.
Status: Closed
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